7 Tips on How to Choose your First Tattoo

7 Tips on How to Choose your First Tattoo

Top 7 Tips on How to Choose your First Tattoo

Once you finally decide to get a tattoo, the next step lies in choosing one. There’s nothing wrong with choosing something random just because you like it. however it’s only a lucky few who usually loves it forever. For many, it remains a reminder about their impatience and impulsiveness in life.

All this can be avoided if you choose your first tattoo wisely, with the help of the following tips:

Where to put it

You have to first decide where you plan to get a tattoo and accordingly choose the right sized design. If you don’t want something visible at work, then you have to avoid your hands, lower arms, wrists, and neck.

You can instead get it someplace that’s usually covered like the lower back. It’s better to consult your artist if it’s feasible getting inked in places like the lower abdomen which may stretch and distort the design.

Take a look at online tattoo pictures

There are various online sites and galleries displaying a wide range of tattoos for you to choose from. They are even categorized, making your search even easier if you have a particular idea, concept or picture in mind. Save any interesting images you find on the computer to later narrow down your options.

Check tattoo shops

Don’t leap at the first few artists or shops you find. Visit all the feasible options to find out more about them and their type of work. Take a look at their portfolios and other photos in the shop.

Tattoo style

Tattoos are made based on different styles like traditional, realistic, 3D, new school, portraiture, Japanese, black and grey and tribal. Artists usually specialize in one or two styles, so choose someone who specializes in your chosen style.

Tattoo size

Size is a very important aspect while making your choice. Something small and simple like a music note won’t look great on a large part of your body like your chest or back. Similarly intricate and detailed tattoos like a portrait will not work on small areas like your wrist or neck.


Your budget also affects your choice because tattoos are rather expensive. Customized designs are even more expensive, but if done right, and if you can afford them, they will have more relevance and meaning in your life.

Consultation with the tattoo artist

The tattoo artist will be able to help you make your choice. So book a consultation and take along any pictures, designs or books you have in mind. The artist will through your discussions, help you make the most realistic and practical choice in terms of size, type, budget, and placement.

It’s, however, you who takes the final call. Choose a design you will be happy with throughout your life. Don’t get a tattoo just because it looks nice on someone else. No two bodies and designs are alike; you need to do your research to find the best tattoo for your body, today and for years to come.