Tattoo Insurance

Tattoo Insurance

Tattoo insurance certainly wasn’t available in the late 1970′s because tattoos were rare during that time. Ever since the 1990’s,shop owners have been concerned about law suits concerning tattoos and other issues. Luckily, two people named Susan Preston and Ray Pearson came up with a brilliant idea. This idea was called “Tattoo Insurance”. Just like with any home or car insurance, you are protected against the responsibility of being accused of something which wasn’t your fault. There are many benefits of tattoo insurance these days.

Basically the insurance policy has coverage for legal responsibility. If you are a business owner who has recently discovered there has been an accident in the workplace, concerning an employee and a client – you can handle it with a tattoo insurance policy. You may have found out that one of your employees accidentally distributed the wrong type of ink. The client wanted red ink when they only did it in black ink and by then, it was too late. Now, it is the responsibility of the shop to make things right.

With so many accidents waiting to happen in the work place, you should protect yourself with tattoo insurance before anything happens. After all, you do not want to loose your business over something that has happened when you weren’t there, or even when an incident took place when you were tending to some other issue.

Remember that if you are a business owner, you should keep your business well protected. By taking the proper precautions, you can prevent the business from becoming bankrupt from lawsuits. Also, be sure to hire only experienced tattooists. If you are not sure about someone, you can always train them for a few months before you decide they are ready. This will allow them to grow and learn the right procedures before any accidents happen.

If a lawsuit were filed, wouldn’t you feel better if you have tattoo insurance? You can purchase tattoo insurance online or by contacting companies in the phone book. Be sure to ask what they cover before making any monthly payments or going through with the deal.