The Risks in Getting a Tattoo

The Risks in Getting a Tattoo

When it comes to your health, the decision to get a tattoo is not something to take lightly. You need to educate yourself on the risks you may be taking when getting that cool tattoo. One of the leading causes of infectious disease transmission during the tattooing process is caused by non-sterile tattoo practices.

You increase your risk of contracting diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis and Tuberculosis when you let someone use needles on you that have not been properly cleaned and sanitized. You should never get a tattoo until you have checked out the tattoo parlor for visible signs of uncleanliness.

Professional tattoo artists will sterilize their equipment after each use. They use steam pressure autoclave when disinfecting their tattoo guns and needles. Bleach and alcohol don’t sterilize the equipment; they are instead used to prep the equipment. Once the bleach and alcohol have been used on the instruments, they will then be autoclaved, which will sterilize them.

When the tattoo artist does the tattoo, he or she should always wear rubber gloves that can easily be disposed of. The ointment spreaders and any type of rags that are used should also be disposable. When you walk into the tattoo studio, the floors should be spotless. In the rooms where the tattoos are done, the working area should always be clean and sanitary.

After getting your tattoo, if you notice any swelling or excessive redness around the tattoo, you should visit a doctor immediately, to find out if the tattoo is infected. In most cases, tattoo infections can be treated with medicine. If the infection is severe, you may be admitted to the hospital so they can further treat you. In the more severe cases, you may end up having to get the tattoo removed to prevent further infection. Removing a tattoo requires surgery, which also involves risks as well.

Many people get tattoos every day; however the news only reports those incidents that go wrong. Overall, tattoos are relatively safe as long as you go to a reputable artists who follow recommended safety precautions.

The best rule of thumb is that if the tattoo parlor doesn’t look clean, you should avoid getting a tattoo there, period. It is not worth the risk to your personal health. Oh, and also, don’t let your friends give you a tattoo unless they are licensed professionals. This protects you and your buddy from unintentional harm.