Tattoo Removal Myths

Tattoo Removal Myths

Given the recent rise in people seeking a simple method tattoo removal, there is a lot of misinformation  in the marketplace. However, the decision to remove a tattoo is just as serious as the decision to get a tattoo. Most tattoo removal discussions involve laser tattoo removal, dermabrasion or a tattoo removal cream. People seem to all think they know which is the right answer. The funny thing as that most of these opinions have nothing to do with personal experience. So then the myths of tattoo removal persist like urban legends.

If you talk to a doctor, he will most likely recommend laser tattoo removal. Laser tattoo is a popular and effective method depending of course on  a few considerations. For instance, not all lasers are created equally. After all its about technology. The newer the laser the more effective it will be at removing tattoos. Even then there could be difficulty depending on the composition of the tattoo ink. One overbearing myth is that a tattoo can be removed with a single treatment session. That is very unlikely unless you are talking a tattoo that is one color, black, and is very small. If that is not the case then you should expect that a few visits will be required.

There is at least one myth about dermabrasion that should be dispelled. And that is that dermabrasion is  a one time process. This is completely untrue. Dermabrasion involves grinding down the skin until the layers containing the tattoo ink is exposed. This can take a while as the layers of skin must be allowed to recover a bit before the procedure can continue.

Then there is tattoo removal cream. The primary myth with tattoo removal cream is that they are all the same. This is not true. All tattoo removal creams are not the same, they are very different. Confusion over this point can cause one to simply find the cheapest tattoo removal cream and expect great results. Our recommendation has always been for Wrecking Balm for a couple of reasons. The first is that Wrecking Balm is more of a tattoo removal system than simply a tattoo removal cream. The applicator that is used to apply the solution is FDA approved. That says a lot. Additionally, Wrecking Balm is still under development. Really? Absolutely, Wrecking Balm is still under development because tattoo inks are changing all the time. Companies who are selling a formula that was developed years know their product may be ineffective against tattoo comprised of newer tattoo ink formulations.

A tattoo removal cream choice should be may carefully as should any method for that matter. Take your time, do your research and make the choice that  is the best balance between cost, time to remove the tattoo, and one that has the least opportunity for permanent scarring.