Tattoo Removal Cream

Tattoo Removal Cream

With as much as can be said for getting tattoos, as much can be said for tatoo removal. The trend is growing at an alarming rate. People all over as asking questions about tatoo removal. So the question is why are so many people interested in tatoo removal? This is something I like to call tattoo remorse.

People can sometimes get tattoo under very suspicious circumstances such bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, anniversaries, sporting events, graduations, relationship happenings, and the list goes on and on. The fact is that after the thrill is gone, the tattoo remains – seemingly forever. This sucks. But is does explain a lot, most people get tattoos when they are not thinking clearly. Time has a way of sobering your thoughts.

Nonetheless, this speaks to the rush for tatoo removal. So the question is what to do you do with an unwanted tattoo? You have basically 3 choices. The first is to live with it. The second is to attempt to cover it up with another tattoo. And of course you can remove or fade the tattoo.

Living with a tattoo when you know is can be removed can be depressing especially if it is one of those relationship tattoos, you know the one that said “Julie and Mark Forever” but your new boyfriend’s name is Joe…that can become a problem. Still some people do manage to live their lives with unwanted tatoos but this is probably not your situation since you searched out this article on tatoo removal.

Coverup tattoos are so clever, your old tattoo in the hands of a real expert can reduce or eliminate the remorse of the original tattoo. The downside here is if there is no alternate image that can be superimposed onto the original tattoo or if the original tattoo is faded a bit. The resulting tattoo may look a bit odd with bright new colors up against the old dull ones.

So that brings us to tatoo removal.   You have come to the right place. There is basically a 2 horse race between laser tatoo removal and tattoo removal cream. These methods differ in several respects. Here is a quick list.

Laser tattoo removal is painful and can lead to permanent scarring. Tattoo removal cream is not painful.
Laser tattoo removal is expensive. Tattoo removal cream is far cheaper and affordable.
Laser tattoo can remove a tattoo, depending on size, in a few visits. Tattoo removal cream takes longer but promotes a more natural healing process for the skin and the tattoo is being removed.

Lastly, even those opting for laser tattoo removal typically benefit from prefading the tattoo in advance. This means less laser treatments, less scarring, and less money to remove that unwanted tattoo.