Tattoo Removal Cream

Tattoo Removal Cream

What is tattoo removal?

When you get a tattoo, the tatto inks are held with the skin cells. Tattoo removal is the varied methods of getting the cells to release the inks. In
most cases however the cells containing the inks are destroyed and replaced with new cells that do not contain ink.

Laser Tattoo Removal – A laser is used to isolate and break up cells containing inks. Afterwards scavenger cells remove the impacted cells. The
process works differently depending on the colors of the inks and how they were mixed. Black inks will respond to most frequencies used in laser
tattoo removal. Other colors may not and therefore require more sessions or different frequencies to break up the cells containing inks.

Dermabrasion Tattoo Removal – Dermabrasion involves the process of shaving away the top layers of skin to remove the pigment and skin
effected and encourage new skin to grow. It can be done with sandpaper, caustic acids or salt – this is sometimes called salabrasion, or a rapidly
rotating brush. Local anesthetic is generally applied before the skin is abraded, and it may take several days to heal and feel better.

Depending on the exact method used there may be concerns of permanent scarring if the skin is not allowed to heal properly.

Is Laser Tattoo Removal Painful?

Some describe laser tattoo removal like the feeling of having hot bacon grease splattered on the skin. Others say it is similar to being popped with
a rubber band over and over again. For this reason people are sometimes advised to take a non-aspirin pain reliever like Tylenol. In other cases
an anesthetic cream may be perscribed. Sometimes a local anesthetic is inkected before the procedure beings.

What are my options for tattoo removal?

The most popular methods of tatto removal are laser, dermabrasion, excision, and tattoo removal creams.

How do I know what method is best?

The method chosen to remove a tattoo will depend on several factors:
1. Where the tattoo is located
2. How large is the coverd area?
3. How much money you have to spend to get rid of the tattoo.
4. How confident you are in any of the availabel methods to not only fade or remove the tattoo but also the ensure there are no long-term ill-effects.

How much will tattoo removal cost?

This is a tough question to answer. Some say that laser tattoo removal can cost 10 times the amount it cost to get the tattoo orginally.
Dermabrasion is a little less. Most of these procedures are not cvoered by health insurance unless there is a medical reason to have the tattoo
removed as this is considered a cosmetic procedure.

A tattoo removal cream system like Wrecking Balm is a good combination of affordability and effectiveness.

How do I know if my tattoo can be removed?

Most all tattoos can be removed. This depends on the method used for removal as well the composition of the inks under the skin. Most tattoo
artists are mixing their own inks nowadays. This makes it a challenge to chase down the best method. Inks that contain plastics may present a
particular challenge and certainly leave the skin with a ‘coated’ feeling even if the underlying ink are removed.

Should I just get a coverup tattoo instead?

This is always an option. There are many talented tattoo artists who can tunr your unwanted tattoo into something that is more appealting or ar
least easier to live with. Of course if you want the effected area clean of any body art then tattoo removal is the only option for you.

Is tattoo removal painful?

AS mentioned above, there can certainly be some discomfort with tattoo removal. As simple rule of thumb may be – the faster the method, the
more pain involved.

Will I have any long-term scars?

aser tattoo removal, dermabrasion tatttoo removal, and excision, will all leave some level of scarring or skin discoloration. Tattoo removal cream
offers the best option for allowing the skin to heal effectively while the tattoo is being faded.

Why should I consider Wrecking Balm as a tattoo removal cream system?

There are 4 reasons to consider Wrekcing Balm for fading or removing your unwanted tattoo:
1. Wrecking Balm is actually Wrekcing Balm No.3. This means that the formula is being reforlmulated to keep up with the rapidly changing world
of tatoo inks. Wrecking Balm is more than a product, it is a system.
2. Wrecking Balm used an FDA approved application device to help make sure the process is done properly and effectively.
3. Support – Wrekcing Balm offers excellent support from knowledgable people who can answer your questions before and after the sale.
4. No Risk – The Wrekcing Balm trial period can be as long as 6 months. If you are not pleased with your results simply return it and get your
money back (minus shipping and handling)