Tattoo Sterilization

Tattoo Sterilization

Our first and foremost concern is for the well being of our patrons.  Infections can be passed from one person to another if the proper steps are not taken to ensure a sterile environment.

Each and every day the studio is cleaned.  All mirrors, counter tops, floors, stools, doors, and chairs are disinfected.  This provides a clean work area.

The Autoclave

The second step taken is to make sure that every piece of equipment that can be, is individually sealed and ran through a cycle in the autoclave.  An autoclave is a device that uses a combination of heat and pressure to create an environment that no living organism can survive (including any bacteria and/ or virus).  Our autoclave receives weekly tests from an independent testing facility to ensure that it is working properly.

New Needles

All needles are purchased brand new, sealed, autoclaved, and discarded after each use.  Needles and tubes will be opened in front of you.   Any equipment that cannot be sent through the autoclave (i.e. chairs tattoo machines, counter tops etc…) is disinfected before each and every use.   All our ink is discarded after use.  We do not reuse ink in an effort to save cost.

No Exceptions, No Shortcuts!

To sum, each and every thing you come in contact with while receiving work from us will have been sterilized and/ or disinfected before you arrive.  When you’re finished, everything you touched, or we touched while working on you will be sterilized and/ or disinfected when you leave.  That process is performed for each and every person.  No exceptions!

 If you have any questions concerning our sterilization, please do not hesitate to ask.